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Christina Florey Zach Hightower Sep 14, 2019
Gloria D Valentine Sep 9, 2019
Genny Lee Taylor Slack Jun 22, 2019
Adelaide Ames Edwards James Ryan McBride Jun 22, 2019
Registry picture Jennifer Gaye Hibbard Jun 8, 2019
Registry picture Melissa Marie Schreck Scott Gilman Glassman Jun 8, 2019
Hailey Garber Ross Copland Jun 1, 2019
Registry picture Evelyne Cras Brendon Mullen May 25, 2019
Taylor Moreno Coy Dobson May 18, 2019
Registry picture BREEZY MAYO ROB LOWE May 11, 2019
Registry picture Audrey Dickerson Derek Romano May 4, 2019
Summerlann Jones Isaac Farias May 4, 2019
Registry picture Kimberly Galloway Colin McHale May 3, 2019
Registry picture Avery Ann Ferguson Mark Brown Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Blair Magee Tyler Bonilla Apr 20, 2019
Registry picture Rachel F. Culwell Andrew F. Buchanan Apr 14, 2019
Registry picture Rachel Kusin Drew Daniller-Varghese Apr 13, 2019
Registry picture Lauren Oleszkiewicz Salen Churi Apr 7, 2019
Natalie Blake Johnson Marcus Joseph Roper Mar 23, 2019
Registry picture Natalen Castrejana Kyle Baum Mar 16, 2019
Rachel Culwell Andrew Buchanan Mar 14, 2019
Registry picture Elizabeth Icenhauer-Ramirez Adam Aaron Mendoza Mar 2, 2019
Anna Widner Timothy Hanna Feb 9, 2019
Sarah Lacy Bennett Maddox Feb 2, 2019
Eleanor Lee Fletcher Joseph Peter Durniak Jan 26, 2019
Karla Kay Thornburg Ryan Christopher Wheeler Jan 19, 2019
Louisa Williams Joe Lunsford Jan 19, 2019
Registry picture Amanda Renee Villarreal Michael Vincent Salvo Jan 5, 2019
Registry picture August Kohutek Ben Beverly Jan 5, 2019
Registry picture Corinne Trabold Benjamin Steger Jan 5, 2019
Registry picture Catherine Pearce Matthew Ziemnicki Dec 31, 2018
Registry picture Amanda Hillary Mike Walker Dec 31, 2018
Bobbi Schmid Dec 25, 2018
Registry picture Charity Zeigler Will Selber Dec 22, 2018
Registry picture Meredith Redmond Cooke Robert Bryant Armstrong Dec 15, 2018
Alyson Falk Rob Carter Dec 15, 2018
Kara A Batey Allen P Bertin Dec 9, 2018
Ashley Lauren Traub Brandon Roscoe Hill Dec 8, 2018
Registry picture Anne Kenan Barnard Jamison Stewart Dec 1, 2018
Registry picture Lexi Parker Will Dawson Dec 1, 2018
Registry picture Carlie Blandford Jake Bailey Dec 1, 2018
Registry picture Peyton Pumphrey Colin Chapman Dec 1, 2018
Registry picture Katy Fendrich Chad Turner Dec 1, 2018
Registry picture Courtney Hall Brian Ferguson Dec 1, 2018
Registry picture Mackenzie Martin Joshua Rae Cook Nov 23, 2018
Sarah Elizabeth Koenig Dillon Christopher Owings Nov 21, 2018
Registry picture Rebecca Caroline VanderPloeg Holland Edward Austin Nov 17, 2018
Tiffany Martinez Nov 12, 2018
Registry picture Whitney Lynn Worthington Mark David Owens Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Catherine Draths Sam Biel Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Glynis Ewing Jase Burner Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture ALISON KATHRYN SMITH GARRICK SMITH Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Allison Davis Carl Jordan Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Daisy Tabarez Steven Siller Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Adrienne Longoria Tim Brown Oct 28, 2018
Evie Schneider Grant watson Oct 27, 2018
Courtney Hill James Utt Oct 27, 2018
Brittany Brannon Kris Hasselbach Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture Alicia F Cavanaugh Peter J Florrick Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture Ann Elizabeth Kay Chuck Marvin Oct 27, 2018
Melissa R Collins Oct 26, 2018
Sherry Greenberg Bryan Guadagno Oct 25, 2018
Registry picture Lesley Sanchez Robert Todd Gilfillan Oct 19, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Hogan Andrew Colton Oct 13, 2018
Mahin Barker Oct 1, 2018
Registry picture Sara Flieller Phillip Lauterbach Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Shelby Fayth Beard Jake Ryan Parrish Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Jacky Mumford Jedd Johnston Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Harriett Kirsh Pozen Robert Lopez Sep 29, 2018
Emily Reis Sep 17, 2018
Alison Gross Pete Dale Sep 15, 2018
Registry picture Jenna McClelland Eric Vanderpool Sep 8, 2018
Registry picture Sarah Tiller Crawford Smith Sep 7, 2018
Registry picture Hannah Wilchar Charley Lloyd Sep 2, 2018
Anneka High Will Bowers Aug 31, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Farmer Thompson Purvis Aug 18, 2018
Savannah Rose Rice Austin William Prentice Aug 11, 2018
Registry picture Taylor Kathleen Zarsky Taylor K Zarsky Aug 11, 2018
Registry picture Katelin Kelly Ryan Hall Aug 11, 2018
Registry picture Emily McKee Austin Mellen Aug 4, 2018
Kimberly Miller Clancy Clancy Aug 3, 2018
Hannah Elizabeth Brown Kevin Dean Wiggs Jul 28, 2018
Registry picture Elizabeth Austen Schurig Jul 21, 2018
Registry picture Regan Marie Eppright Tug White Jul 21, 2018
Registry picture Caroline Hunt Will Clinton Jul 14, 2018
Registry picture Maggie Breed Justin Ortuno Jul 13, 2018
Registry picture Kari King Chris Dial Jul 8, 2018
Jennie Pitts Ashton Tucker Jul 7, 2018
Jennifer Maund Jun 23, 2018
Registry picture Natalie Claire Freeman Clinton Daniel Chapman Jun 22, 2018
Martha Lauren Smith Justin David Treat Jun 16, 2018
Registry picture Laurie Walker McGee Sauls Jun 16, 2018
Susu Sawaya Matthew McBrearty Jun 16, 2018
Savannah Still Cody Wright Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Alice Amanda Schneider Mark Gray McKinnon Jun 9, 2018
Alice Schneider Mark McKinnon Jun 9, 2018
Rebecca Leigh Brown Matthew Bryant Ferguson Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Ksenia Kolesnikova Patrick Hubbard Jun 2, 2018
Registry picture Abigail Spellmann Matthew Duncan Jun 2, 2018
Registry picture Haley Terrill Luke Thompson Jun 2, 2018
Registry picture Margo Cardwell Trey McGaughy May 31, 2018
Registry picture Mary Margaret Laycock David Cade Grigsby May 26, 2018
Courtney Alexander John Ross Norton May 26, 2018
Brett Ellen Keeler Mark Holekamp May 19, 2018
Lindsey Carey Jordan Leventis May 19, 2018
Brande Colt Bradshaw William Adams Draper May 19, 2018
Registry picture Mattalin Katherine Vojacek Stephen James Stewart May 19, 2018
Registry picture Rebekah Judith Yurco Taylor Gordon Maloney May 12, 2018
Registry picture Jackie Groves Charles Baker May 12, 2018
Shauna Fitzsimmons Brian Sledge May 12, 2018
Megan Eckert Teddy Athan May 12, 2018
Registry picture Leslie Ann Canter Stanton Grey Swanson May 12, 2018
Registry picture Elizabeth Turner Walsh John William Gainer May 5, 2018
Rebecca Wren Taylor Howard May 5, 2018
Registry picture Courtney Tindall Zentner William Julian Robertson May 5, 2018
Registry picture Brooke Leigh Pozzi Christopher Blake Smith Apr 28, 2018
Kelly Emrich Kyle Samouce Apr 28, 2018
Hannah Albrecht Casey Friesenhahn Apr 28, 2018
Registry picture Catherine Elizabeth Boyd Chlebowski Greg James Henson Apr 21, 2018
Registry picture Megan Muehlstein Rick Scheurer Apr 21, 2018
Kate Dewan Sean Davy Apr 14, 2018
Registry picture Kathryn Virginia Andrews Robert Reese Hull Apr 8, 2018
Registry picture Sallie Matthews Armstrong Matthew Swift Bentley Apr 7, 2018
Paige Ann Thomas Matt Powell Apr 7, 2018
Megan Moore Chad Carmichael Mar 24, 2018
Registry picture Memory Madden Jake Pohl Mar 17, 2018
Registry picture Julia Love DeVinney Andrew Sterling Butters Mar 13, 2018
Registry picture Elizabeth Ashley Pearce Gordon Page Guthrie Mar 3, 2018
Amy Neal Griffin Gilbert Feb 24, 2018
Ann Marie Hickey Kenneth Blake Waltrip Feb 24, 2018
Sommer Knight Feb 24, 2018
Registry picture Katherine Basse Farmer Nathan Charles Thornhill Feb 10, 2018
Rose Pierce-Tenney Chad Hall Feb 9, 2018
Molly Bell Drew Johnson Feb 3, 2018
Scarlett Olson Doak Embrey Feb 2, 2018
mary jane test bob test Jan 29, 2018
Registry picture Charlotte Kathryn Mann Charles Averyt Knapp Jan 20, 2018
Registry picture Leanne Loper Michael Flatter Jan 13, 2018
Registry picture Courtney Ann Murphy Britt Thomas Fisher Jan 13, 2018
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Our best wishes to...

Lauren & Jeremy who are celebrating their 2nd Wedding anniversary

Lesley-Anne & George who are celebrating their 4th Wedding anniversary

Sophie & Johann who are celebrating their 2nd Wedding anniversary

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White Wine Waterford Lismore Essence White Wine • $80.00

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What Are Brides Saying About Us?

"Great experience registering here- Everyone was very helpful and friendly!"
~ Megan in TX

"We had a wonderful experience registering with Westlake Breed & Co. Thank you for all of the personal attention and care you all showed to us and our guests! I loved being able to register at a local neighborhood store that I grew up shopping in. Thank you so much for everything!"
~ Emilie in TX

"Everything work out great! Helpful staff"

"Breed an Co knows how to do a wedding registry!

Diane Jackson helped us all along the way and was amazing! I loved that I got gift cards in the mail so if I wanted to exchange the gifts I received, I didn't have to haul a ton of stuff back to the store to make exchanges. This also made me feel secure that expensive gifts weren't just sitting on my front doorstep.

The selection was fabulous, from fine china to silverware to cookware, they have the best options for registering. Thanks for making this process of our wedding easy and fun!"
~ Madeline in TX

"We loved the selection of items we could register for. The only downside is how long it takes to get your gifts in (they place a single bulk order after the wedding, so gifts aren't actually ordered when someone purchases something for you). We also received a lawn mower that was sent to the address on file (which was my parents) with no warning or note on it, it was a bit of a pain for them to figure out what it was, and for us to have to get it and move it back to our home."
~ Allyson in TX

"Fantastic experience! Great customer service and beautiful gifts to choose from. I will tell all of my friends to register here!"
~ Katie in TX

"An amazing experience all around! From helping us select our dishes to finalizing our choices after the wedding, you made it so easy! And fun! Each time we went into the store everyone was kind, gracious, and excited for our wedding and marriage. Thank you so much!"
~ Liz in TX

"Y'all did awesome! I will recommend breeds to anyone getting married! 5 star experience!"
~ Ellen in TX

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Beatriz Ball

Raise a glass to the holidays!


Beatriz Ball

Beatriz Ball Beatriz Ball
Bea's daughter-in-law expertly combines our metal and melamine for the perfect tabletop!

Dec. 14


Capdeco Capdeco
Give your Holiday table a makeover with our red Conty collection. It will for sure brighten your mood.

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